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Metacog represents patent owners in the sale, licensing and monetization of their patent assets. We match the technology covered by a patent with prospective buyers or licensees who have a requirement for that technology. It is our objective to help clients unearth the true value of their intellectual property via our patent monetization services.

We can concur that a patent that has little to no value to one organization can have immense value to another. The challenge is to match interested sellers with relevant buyers and vice-versa, to produce a win-win outcome.

Whether you want to sell, license, or buy patent(s), Metacog responsibly fulfills the role of a transaction conduit (patent broker) to develop and execute a comprehensive sales process for each patent or portfolio it represents.

To achieve this, our experienced team of patent monetization experts develop compelling, buyer-specific sales packages, contacts the appropriate person at target organization, conducts an efficient and professional sales process and negotiates the transaction till closure. Metacog also represents its clients as buyer’s agents, thereby helping them acquire high-value patents to strengthen their portfolio or enhance their Freedom of Action in regard to a certain technology domain.There are also instances where patent owners wish to sell underutilized or redundant parts of their patent portfolios, and we ensure that we help them realize the maximum value attainable for their assets. Our team of market, and technology researchers evaluate the strength and applicability of patents and their families to determine potentially interested buyers and develops, from the

perspective of each buyer, a research-based case that aligns with their interest and supports the valuation. Post this, we often collaborate with our clients to develop a price target and sales strategy.

As discussed above, portfolios are first analyzed by our in-house analytics team and, in some cases (e.g., if portfolio includes Chinese, Korean OR Japanese patents), by our IP research partner firms. Then, in collaboration with the seller, our team produces executive summaries and, if necessary, drafts compelling claims charts/ EoUs – the combined material being regarded as a patent sales package. We then reach out to the patent-purchasing marketplaces, share detailed diligence materials with our sales partners, or contact the buyers directly.

We leverage experience and liaisons of our patent monetization professionals to match buyers and sellers for portfolio sales. We have an extensive network of relationships with some of the largest and most active buyers, including fortune 500, mid-sized and fast-evolving technology firms.
Metacog’s seller clientele includes businesses, inventors, universities, and other owners of patents that intend to uncover the hidden value of their patent assets and their monetization potential via Metacog’s patent monetization services.

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