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Enforcement Services

The backbone of the patent systems is the ability to allow rightful owners to enforce their rights. The patent owners are empowered to claim economic and business losses incurred during infringement, wherein the claims can be dealt by means of royalties and damages (such as compensation for sales, an account of profits, and markets lost).

The patent owners can bring a lawsuit to the courts against any person or entity who has infringed, is infringing, or even threatens to infringe the rights.

Another opportunity presented to the patent owners is to establish licensing grants in the context of business relationships.

For example, commercializing the intellectual property of universities and research institutes, acquiring patents for defensive purposes, leveraging IP during business negotiation deals (such as joint ventures or mergers), out-licensing on reasonable terms, and complete technology transfer. This also covers cross-licensing deals that coincide interests and mutually benefit all involved parties for a win-win model. The rights enlisted in the licensing grants can vary from the right use, sell, make and import, to the right to reproduce the technology or make its derivates.

Depending on the business objectives of the clients, Metacog, the top patent licensing firm prepares a customized package of patent licensing services, which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Patent asset mining: Client’s patent portfolio is administered and evaluated based on multiple subjective and objective parameters. This exercise helps identify the key patents for monetization. Another output of this exercise is a tangible assessment of technology gaps and/or overlap.
  • Identifying valid use or manufacture: For purposes of patent enforcement, deliberate infringement by other companies is identified. This covers both intentional use, sale, import, and/or manufacture in the territory.
  • Preparing evidence of usage charts: The infringement is registered by preparing evidence of usage charts (or full claim charts) that include documentary evidences for a valid patent claim.
  • Lawsuit support: While a lawsuit or licensing agreements are underway, an active support is provided by patent licensing companies to ensure latest information is recorded.

Patent licensing/enforcement support is one of our most prised and in high regard services and indicative of the premium quality we are able to provide.

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