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A patent landscape study essentially provides information that supports decision making for formulating patenting strategy. For example, understanding key players and competitors, identifying existing technologies for in-licensing opportunities, identifying out-licensing opportunities, and assessing white spaces. A standard study provides insights on three factors: technology to understand existing and emerging inventions, economics to understand commercial potential, and legal to understand the status in jurisdictions.

Metacog’s modus operandi for a standard patent landscape study includes data gathering, data clean up by removing noise, and data clustering and classification based on a taxonomy category. Our patent landscape report turns this data into intelligence and insights by providing an overview of the patenting activity and trends in a particular technology area.

Other services provided by us are:

  • Visualization: Metacog also provides statistical analysis by means of patent maps and trend analysis of multiple attributes, such as patent filing graphs, top assignees, most cited patents, filing to grant ratios, percentage of triadic families, etc.
  • Patent watch: Metacog provides patent watch services to monitor patents of interest. The selected patents are regularly tracked to identify any status change (example: grant status, assignee handoff, litigations). This service also includes monitoring new patent applications being filed by competitors in a particular technology area.
  • Technology monitoring: We also track the organic growth of a particular technology, wherein patent data is supplemented with product launches and other company initiatives. This also includes analyzing mergers and acquisitions to understand how the IP matters are exchanged, combined, or absorbed.

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