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Portfolio Pruning

Our structured approach helps identify valuable and productive patents from a portfolio.


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We provide a range of services to perform portfolio pruning:

  • Patent audit: An important aspect of auditing is to take stock of the owned IP. Metacog systematically reviews a client’s patent inventory to assess the following: legal status of the assets to segregate the active assets from the expired assets, family tree verification to ensure that the family data of each active asset is up to date, and maintenance fee expenditure to track historical and upcoming maintenance fee dues thereby safeguarding that no asset gets expired because on non- payment of fees.
  • Due diligence: For the active assets, Metacog performs a SWOT analysis primarily to uncover under utilized assets. Another objective is to understand the risk factors, such as if the assets might be infringing on the rights of other parties.
  • Patent valuation: Metacog assigns measurable metrics to patents of interest based on multiple factors – such as inventive value, improvement value, and market value. These values help assess the quantitative and qualitative aspects of any asset. The framework used to valuation can be altered based on clients’ needs.

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