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Our searches are a hybrid of structured analysis and lateral thinking.


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Prior art searches cater to multiple business objectives. These can be used to contest the validity of a patent, defend its novelty, understand the opportunity areas, etc. For any form of prior art search, a clear knowledge and understanding of tools is needed to efficiently scout the immense amount of data available online.

An optimized search requires a balance of competing resources. It is as much depended on use of appropriate search terms/classifications and the right database, as it is on contextual and iterative analysis of the data which requires lateral thinking.

Metacog is one of the leading Patent Search Company in India, We provide the following search services:

  • Novelty searches: Also referred to as patentability search, this helps identify existing technologies that could affect the patentability of an invention. Such searches are conducted before drafting a patent application. An extension of such searches is a state-of-the-art search for a particular technology area, wherein comparable patents and innovative trends are identified – particularly to understand what art exists and if there is any opportunity to design around patented literature. A state-of-the-art search can also act as a foundational element for conducting a detailed landscape study.
  • Validity searches: Such searches have a two-fold implementation. These can be used for both contesting and defensive purposes. For example, a party (example: a defendant) may argue that a particular patent was incorrectly granted and should be revoked. In addition, a plaintiff may require a validity search before initiating any lawsuit to ensure that a patent stands on firm ground and can be successfully enforced.
  • Freedom to operate studies: These searches are product clearance searches and help evaluate the potential patent barriers to commercialization of technologies or products in a particular geography. A freedom to operate study is essentially a risk management strategy to ensure that a party can legally develop, make, or sell products/services in a particular country without infringing upon any active patents.
  • Asian language searches:For all of the searches mentioned above, an optional Asian language search module is also offered to the clients. Metacog supplements the English search by partnering with a China based vendor that conducts manual searches for China, Japan, and Korea jurisdictions.

We do not prefer referring to ourselves as the best patent search firm, and would instead let our work speak for itself. While it is also our endeavour to accommodate our customer’s affordability requirements, we are proud of the quality that we are able to provide through our search results. To the extent that we will be happy to refund the entire costing of the project if any other firm/individual can produce a better search output than us.

If you have any questions pertaining to our patent search services, leave us a message. We will have one of our experts answer it for you within 6 hours of receiving it!

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