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We recognize that patent solutions need to be flexible, impactful, and affordable. Our services reflect practices that provide effective and flawless results.


Our enforcement services assess the worth attributable to patents in their ultimate application, thereby ensuring that the owners can apply the intellectual property rights effectively. Our solutions cater to multiple business objectives:

  • Administering a client’s portfolio to mine key assets based on patent quality
  • Identifying a valid use or sale of a client’s patented inventions or products
  • Repressing a deliberate infringement and recovering the losses incurred therein (example by means of evidence of use studies)
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape to help identify the best monetization strategies
  • Supporting in invalidity contentions during patent enforcement actions   Read More ...


We analyze patent portfolios to help find opportunistic leverages, aid strategy planning, and understand the general health of the existing patent assets. Our analytical output helps in:

  • Understanding the emerging trends and future scope of an industry
  • Benchmarking a client’s portfolio vis-à-vis competitors’ data
  • Tracking the organic growth of a technology
  • Fortifying negotiation positions (example: cross-licensing deals).   Read More ...


We help identify valuable and productive patents from a portfolio. Our structured approach includes performing:

  • Portfolio audit for legal status update, family tree verification, maintenance fee expenditure, etc.
  • Patent prioritization and SWOT analysis for identifying under-utilized assets
  • Patent valuation based on metrics such as inventive value, improvement value, and market value, thereby identifying a set of very high-value assets (gem patents).   Read More ...


We draft provisional and complete patent applications using a combination of technical aptitude and an in-depth understanding of the differing drafting requirements in the major jurisdictions. Our approach includes:

  • writing stacked claims to cover varying scopes
  • writing claims from an infringement point of view, specifically for literal infringement
  • drafting detailed specification covering all probable and anticipated variations of the invention
  • providing pertinent patent illustrations.   Read More ...


We help clients in comprehensively evaluating patent portfolios while structuring patent acquisition or sale transactions. Our services include:

  • Developing marketing packages/executive summaries, creating compelling evidence of usage charts and scouting high value patents to showcase portfolio’s merits and commercial strength.
  • Identifying bona fide buyers. We also pitch the assessed portfolio (along with the detailed materials) to the leading patent-purchasers we share strong relationships with.
  • Performing due diligence process on every portfolio for sale. Our team acts as liaison between sellers and potential buyers/bidders to ensure all required pricing, terms and contract documents are in-place and duly submitted.
  • End-to-End patent sales/purchase program   Read More ...

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