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Patent writing is the most fundamental aspect of the IP services. Under our patent writing services arm, we draft both provisional and complete patent applications based on a sound understanding of the applicable patent laws, including USPTO, EPO, IPO, and WIPO. We provide Patent drafting and writing services in India, USA and many other countries. Our fundamental objectives are a) the claims are well drafted to support the invention and clearly distinguish the protected subject matter from the prior art, and b) the specification is written in a manner that it captures varying embodiments and anticipated variations. We also perform a novelty search to gauge the prospects of obtaining broad claim coverage and perhaps for a design around to avoid a prior art.

As part of the modus operandi, Metacog first obtains invention disclosures from an inventor. This is followed by conducting inventor interviews to understand the invention in detail and discuss the queries. Next, Metacog performs a quick novelty search to assess the existing art. The assessment is discussed with the inventor to understand if a design around is needed. Once a clear understanding is developed, stacked claims are written which are then iteratively edited based on inventor’s feedback. The specification is drafted that discloses all pertinent aspects of the invention for a person ordinarily skilled in the art, while ensuring the claims are suitably enabled. The remainder sections of the application are prepared – including patent illustrations that appropriately correspond to the specification.

If you have any questions pertaining to our patent writing & drafting services, leave us a message. We will have one of our experts answer it for you within 6 hours of receiving it!

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